Why is Chelsea FC called the pensioners?


Is Chelsea football club the pensioners?

In their early days, Chelsea was known as the Pensioners. This nickname stemmed from the fact that British war veterans (Army pensions) were admitted and treated by the famous Chelsea Hospital from 1692 to 1955.

Then they start referring to Chelsea as Pensioners and over time this nickname evolved with Chelsea FC.

Why are Chelsea called the pensioners?

Chelsea was called The Pensioners because of their association with the famous Chelsea Hospital, from 1692 to 1955 when all British war veterans (Army pensions) were administered by and paid from the Royal Hospital Chelsea. They referred to Chelsea as Chelsea Pensioners.

Does Chelsea have a nickname?

Yes! Chelsea has a nickname, The Pensioners. This is based on the fact that they were founded in the Royal Hospital Chelsea, an old people’s home. The first use of this nickname was in 1905 by a sporting life newspaper.

Why is Chelsea called Stamford bridge?

Chelsea’s stadium is called Stamford Bridge because it’s located near the old Stamford Bridge. The previous stadium of London’s Chelsea Football Club was located on the same site as its current ground but was demolished to make way for housing in the 1960s.

When the club moved into its new home in Fulham Road it took over the name of Stamford Bridge, which had been used by several previous clubs based there.

Where was Chelsea FC founded?

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905 and is based in the center of west London. The club’s home ground is Stamford Bridge, which is located near Fulham. It’s also not far from the River Thames and Kings Road (a busy shopping and entertainment district), and is right next to some of the most expensive real estate in all of England.

Chelsea FC was founded by Gus Mears after he won a football competition that allowed him to select a team name, kit color scheme, and badge design–all for free! He decided on Chelsea because it was close to where he lived with his family at York House on Sloane Street.

What does the lion mean on the Chelsea badge?

The lion is the symbol of the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which was made up of two distinct areas that were once separate townships: Kensington, named after a palace built on the site by Edward I in 1279; and Chelsea, whose name is derived from ‘Cealchythe’.

The lion featured in both towns’ coats of arms, which were merged following a merger of their municipal services in 1965. Since its introduction to the club badge in 1971, it has been a constant feature on everyone since.

What is Chelsea’s stadium capacity?

Chelsea’s home stadium, Stamford Bridge is one of the oldest stadiums in England. In fact, it was opened in 1877 and is one of the oldest stadiums still used for professional football. It has a capacity of 41,631 which is reduced due to segregation, safety, and security requirements.

The stadium has undergone several renovations over time but was last modernized when Chelsea FC spent £4 million on refurbishing the dressing rooms during the 2012-13 season.

From Chelsea Football Club’s inception in 1905 until the 1905-06 season onwards, Stamford Bridge served as their home ground until it was closed for redevelopment between 1971 and 1973 (the club moved temporarily to nearby White City Stadium which later became Loftus Road).

When they returned they found themselves playing at several grounds including Motspur Park before settling at Craven Cottage where they stayed till 2008 before moving back again into their original home

What are Chelsea FC fans called?

Chelsea FC fans are called ‘Blues’. The word originated in London in 1877 when a local journalist named Tom Payne wrote about a cricket match between Surrey and Middlesex being played at The Oval.

He said: “Crowds flock to see the Blue!” This came from earlier use of “blue” as slang for money or cash – so Chelsea was seen as one of London’s most expensive clubs because they’d just won two trophies that year!

What does Coyb mean Chelsea?

Chelsea Football Club is one of the most well-known football clubs in the world. You can find Chelsea fans all over the world, and they are known for their passion. The nickname “pensioners” was given to them by a journalist from the Daily Mirror because of their loyal following, and it stuck.

The nickname comes from what is sung by Chelsea fans before matches: “Coyb! Coyb! Come On You Blues!”

This chant started as an encouragement for their team on match days, but now it has become synonymous with Chelsea FC itself. It’s now sung at every match by supporters throughout Stamford Bridge Stadium and beyond—it’s even been heard in other stadiums when other teams play against them! This is one of the most common chants among Chelsea fans (and probably one you’ll hear if you ever see them play).

Who is Chelsea’s biggest rival?

As a Chelsea fan, you’re probably well aware of the team’s biggest rivalries. While there are plenty to choose from, one of them will always stand out above the rest: Manchester United.

The two teams have been going head-to-head since 1904 and have met each other more than any other two clubs in Premier League history—a total of 56 times at the time this article was written (and counting).

Another London derby rivalry has also emerged over recent years as Tottenham Hotspur joined Chelsea in competing for top honors within their city limits.

Other historic rivals include Arsenal and West Ham United, who both finished second during different Premier League seasons (though in those cases it was only because Manchester United won the title).

Are Chelsea fans posh?

You might think that being called “the pensioners” is a positive thing, but Chelsea fans would prefer to be known as something else.

It’s understandable why they dislike the nickname. When you’ve won more trophies than any other English team in the last 20 years and have one of the best stadiums in Europe, it can seem like a bit of an insult to be compared with old people who need their pensions paid into them every week.

But despite this, there are some positives to having such a well-earned name:

  • It makes us feel proud to be associated with our hometown club;
  • It reminds us of how well some players have done over recent decades;
  • And it shows how popular football has become since we first started playing it in 1879!

Do fans like the nickname?

For Chelsea fans, the nickname is not a term of endearment. It’s more of an insult and has been used by other clubs to taunt them for decades.

The Blues do not like being called the Pensioners because it means that their team is old and out of touch with modern football. The nickname was started when Chelsea won back-to-back league titles in 1955 and 1956.

Chelsea fans prefer to be called Blues because they think it’s more inclusive than just calling themselves Pensioners or Old Ladies (another nickname). Many people say that only older supporters call themselves The Pensioners but this isn’t true: young fans also use the term “Pensioners” when referring to themselves or other younger supporters who support Chelsea FC.

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