Why Do Golf Caddies Wear White Jumpsuits?


Golf is a gentleman’s game, you can’t deny it. There are always some rules on what a golfer can wear or can not. But the oldest question in the game: Why do golf caddies wear white jumpsuits?

Well, it’s not just a fashion statement. There are some practical reasons for wearing such a getup even though it must be incredibly hot during springtime in Georgia, and there are even more historical reasons for doing so.

Let’s start with that last bit.

They Are Easy To Spot.

There are several reasons why caddies wear white jumpsuits on the golf course. First, they’re easy to spot.

When you’re trying to find your ball in the rough or if it’s headed towards a bunker, it’s easier to spot when someone is wearing white than if they were wearing any other color. It’s also easier for spectators and photographers at tournaments to find the caddy when there are hundreds of people in the gallery around them.

When you’re at home watching The Masters on TV and want your favorite player’s caddy because he wears such an awesome outfit, it can be hard to identify him with all of those fans! But with these white jumpsuits that all look alike? Easy peasy!

They Look Good On The Jumbotron.

It’s the same reason broadcasters wear white jackets and ties: they look good on the Jumbotron. If you’re teeing off at Pebble Beach in front of 10,000 people playing hooky from work, and you’re only wearing a baseball cap or something silly like that, well then it’s no fun to watch.

But if you’ve got some kind of proper uniform (white jumpsuit or whatever), now we have something to focus on in addition to your swing.

Caddies are out there hustling because they know their appearance will translate into more tips for them down the line.

It Makes Them Look Clean, Professional, And Prepared.

One of the reasons why caddies wear white jumpsuits is that it makes them look clean, professional, and prepared.

White is a color associated with purity and cleanliness, and this can be interpreted as a sign of professionalism. Similarly, wearing a jumpsuit can also make you feel prepared to do your job or get it done right. This is especially true for caddies who pack their bags full of golf balls, tees, and other equipment that they will need to play their player on the course.

They Can Easily Be Embroidered With Sponsors’ Logos.

As you can see, the jumpsuit is a perfect canvas for sponsors to promote their brands. They can put logos on it, embroider them, or even sew them into the fabric itself. This makes it easy to wear your sponsor’s brand in front of thousands of people and get lots of exposure!

It’s A Tradition

White is the traditional color for caddies because it represents purity, as well as the color of the Masters’ tournament and Augusta National Golf Club.

Also, since it’s hot out on the course during tournaments and most people sweat a lot when playing golf (especially if they’re not used to walking around), wearing fewer clothes helps keep you cool in addition to keeping your pants from getting dirty or muddy from being so close to all those bushes on the course.

Why Do Caddies Wear Boiler Suits?

There are a few reasons why golf caddies wear white jumpsuits:

To keep them warm. The average temperature of your typical golf course during the winter months can be quite nippy, so it’s important to keep yourself warm and cozy in order to remain productive. There are only so many layers you can wear under the jumpsuit before it becomes too hot, especially if you’re working outside in direct sunlight or rain.

To keep their clothes clean. It’s not uncommon for a golfer to hit his ball into some mud or water on the course at some point during his round, which can make for some rather unpleasant stains on your clothes if/when he finds out that you’re also wearing them!

Why Do Augusta Caddies Wear Jumpsuits?

Have you ever wondered why Augusta caddies wear jumpsuits? It’s a tradition that dates back to the early days of the Tournament. For years, most attendees at the Masters took it upon themselves to dress up for this occasion by donning their Sunday best and putting on their fanciest hats.

However, as more and more people began attending in recent decades, it became more difficult for spectators to spot one another amidst all the bright colors and fashions of everyone else in attendance.

The solution? Jumpsuits! The white colors of caddie uniforms make them stand out easily against anything else on your screen or in person at Augusta National Golf Club. It also helps keep track of where each player’s group is through aerial shots during telecasts—just look for those white dots moving across fairways!

When Did Augusta Stop Using Black Caddies?

The club has used white caddies since the 1930s, but it also employed black caddies. In fact, according to a letter written by Clifford Roberts, a co-founder of Augusta National Golf Club, black caddies were used on the golf course until around 1960.

In his letter to Bobby Jones (another co-founder), Roberts wrote about how he had decided to end their employment because they couldn’t keep up with their white counterparts and that “the [black] boys just didn’t have any pride in themselves.”

Roberts also stated that he wanted all future caddies at Augusta National Golf Club to be white males because “the most important thing was to have good-looking boys in white coats serving us as we played.”

Do Masters Caddies Keep Their Jumpsuits?

At the Masters, caddies keep their jumpsuits. They do not get to keep them after the tournament is over, and neither do they have any other means of selling or otherwise disposing of them.

If a caddy does not wear his or her jumpsuit during the tournament, this can be quite fortunate for him or her—because he or she will still be able to take home that item!

On the other hand, if he or she chooses to wear it while working at the Masters…well then they are stuck with an expensive piece of clothing that they cannot sell (unless there is a market for used white jumpsuits).

This can lead some people who wish to buy a new one even though their old one works just fine; there may also exist people who would like something more stylish than what’s available in stores right now but don’t know where else besides Augusta National Golf Club itself

Does The Caddy Get A Green Jacket?

As you might expect, caddies don’t get a green jacket. The tradition comes from the fact that many years ago when there were no carts on the course, caddies would carry golfers’ bags from hole to hole.

Since they were moving all through the day and sweating in their red or white jumpsuits (which are still common attire among caddies), it was much easier for them to wear their own clothing underneath so as not to ruin their clothes with sweat.

Why Do The Caddies At The Masters’ Wear Coveralls?

The reason that caddies wear white jumpsuits is that they are a tradition. They make it easy to spot them and they look professional. The jumpsuits can easily be embroidered with a player’s name, which makes it easier for fans to identify who their favorite golfer is.

The jumpsuits are also easy to clean and store, which makes them convenient for traveling caddies who work on golf courses all over the country. The material is lightweight and breathable, so it won’t get hot in warm weather or cold in chilly conditions!

For these reasons, we recommend renting or buying a white jumpsuit for your next photo shoot!


Traditionally, golf caddies wore all white. Now they can wear all black or a combination of the two. Caddies are responsible for carrying the player’s clubs and providing advice on how they should be hit during the course of play. While there is no set dress code for this position at most professional tournaments, it’s generally agreed upon that wear an all-white or black uniform.

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