Who has won the most 6 nations Grand Slams?

Grand Slams is a title that is awarded in the Six Nation rugby tournament. It is the symbol of honor, Prestige, and team spirit that tells the world who is the best in rugby. Since the beginning of the tournament, England and Walse have been continuously winning most of the time.

However, in recent times, the French rugby team has shown some impressive performance by winning the recent 2022 title.

In this article, we will look through who has won the most six Nations Grand Slams and other related questions around the topic.

What is Rugby Grand Slams?

In the Six Nations rugby game, when a team wins with all other rugby teams in the tournament within a one-year competition, the team is declared the winner and given the title of Grand Slams. No trophy is given separately for this title; this title is given only in recognition of outstanding performance.

So far, in Five and Six Nations rugby, the probability of winning 97 Grand Slams; is only 40 Grand Slams have woned. Because if a team loses a game in a season, it will never win the title.


How many times has a team won Grand Slams?

England has won the Grand Slams 13 times, Wales 12 times, France 10 times, Scotland and Ireland 3 times but Italy won none.

Who has won the most 6 nations’ grand slams? England is in first place with a maximum of 13 Grand Slams titles, while Wales is in second place with only one less title.

How many times did England win Grand Slams?

England has won the Grand Slams a total of 13 times. The years are: 1913, 1914, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1928, 1957, 1980, 1991, 1992, 1995, 2003, 2016.

Has Italy won Grand Slams in the 6 nations?

Italy has managed to win some of the 6 nations’ games but they have never won any Grand Slams or trophies.

What are the bonus points for the Grand Slams title?

Since 2017, The teams that have won Grand Slams in the Six Nations Championship Tournament is awarded 3 points as bonus points.

Why are extra points awarded for winning the Grand Slams title?

These extra points are awarded so that the team can win the trophy that year if they win the Grand Slam title. It is given because the team that goes to the Grand Slams title may score low in terms of total points resulting loss of 6 nations trophy that year. This is why the points are given to make sure the team wins the championship trophy.

Which team won the Grand Slams title in 2022?

France won the Grand Slams title in 2022. This time France has had to go to grand slams a total of 10 times before France won the title of grand slams once in 2010.

How many times has Scotland won the Grand Slams?

Scotland last won the Grand Slams title in 1990, once in the 6-nations,  it has never won the title again because of performance.

When was the last time Ireland won the Grand Slams?

In 2018, Ireland won the last Grand Slams.

Which team never went to the Grand Slams?

Italy is the only team that has never won a Grand Slam trophy. Although Italy participated in the 6th Nations Championship since 2000, it has never won a Grand Slam title.

What is Grand Slams Travel in rugby?

When a team from Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa plays Test matches with all four teams – England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales – and wins all the games, the traveling team is considered to have won the Grand Slam title. This is the Grand Slams tour.

Which traveling team has won the most Grand Slams?

As a traveling team, South Africa and New Zealand have each won the Grand Slams four times. However, Australia won once in 1984.

Which rugby player has won the most Grand Slams?

Fabien Pelous is the only French player of all time to have won 4 Grand Slams in rugby history. He is also the only player who won 4 times Grand Slams in rugby.

How many Wales players have won 3 Grand Slams?

The six Wales players who have won the team three times so far are Gerald Davies, Gareth Edwards, JPR Williams, Adam Jones, Gethin Jenkins, and Alun Wyn Jones.

Has Scotland ever won the Grand Slams?

Scotland won the Grand Slams in 1925, 1984, and 1990. The Scottish rugby team has won the title three times in total.

How many Grand Slams have Wales won?

Wales has won 12 Grand Slams (1908, 1909, 1911, 1950, 1952, 1971, 1976, 1978, 2005, 2008, 2012, and 2019) securing the second position and as a tough competitor with England.

How many Grand Slams did Warren Gatland win with Wales?

Warren David Gatland, rugby union coach of All Black and former player, won 3 Grand Slams with a 55.38% winning rate which makes his coaching career successful.


Grand Slams are the symbol of pride and national honor. It means the dominance, prestige, and performance of the team that tells the world who is the best.

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