What NFL teams never won Super Bowl?


There are many reasons why an NFL team might not have won the Super Bowl. Perhaps it is because their offense lacks firepower and is unable to put up enough points when necessary.

Or maybe it’s due to poor coaching or lack of depth at certain positions which could have made all the difference in getting to that championship game.

So, what NFL teams never won Super Bowl? Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Lions, Texans, Jaguars, Chargers, Rams, and Vikings have never owned a Super Bowl.

Whatever the case may be, there are several reasons why some teams never win Super Bowls:

Reasons why some teams never win Super Bowls:

They don’t have enough firepower on offense – If you can’t score more than your opponent, then there’s no way you’ll ever make it into (let alone win) the big game! This could be due to a lack of talent at key positions such as quarterback or running back where they need more production from their players.

If they want any chance at victory each Sunday afternoon during regular season play before even thinking about getting into postseason contention come December/January and beyond.

Poor coaching decisions throughout the year can lead us astray from our goal which should always remain focused on winning every single time out no matter what else happens around us so don’t let anything get in between that thought process because once again – success depends solely upon YOU AND ME!

Cincinnati Bengals

Although the Cincinnati Bengals have qualified for the playoffs seven times since 1990, they have yet to win a Super Bowl. Their most recent playoff appearance was in 2015.

This is one of several reasons why this team has gained a reputation as one of the greatest NFL teams that never won a Super Bowl.

The Bengals are one of 12 NFL teams that have never won a Super Bowl. The other 11 are the Browns, Jaguars, Lions, Texans, Chargers, Titans, Falcons, Cardinals, Vikings, and Bills.

Carolina Panthers

Although the Carolina Panthers came into existence in 1995, they have never won a Super Bowl. In fact, they’ve only been to the Super Bowl twice—in 2003 and 2015—and lost both times. They lost to the New England Patriots in 2003, and then more recently to the Denver Broncos in 2015.

The Atlanta Falcons are another team that has never won a Super Bowl; they’ve played twice and lost both times. The Tennessee Titans have also been to two Super Bowls and lost both times. But there are still plenty of other teams who have never even made it there yet—15 of them, in fact!

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl.

They were close in 2017, when they met the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, but lost after leading by 25 points with less than 15 minutes left to play. Those Patriots rallied behind Tom Brady’s arm and James White’s legs and completed an improbable comeback to win in overtime, 31-28.

The Falcons have only made it to one Super Bowl in their history: that 2017 game against the Patriots.

They finished their 2020 season with a 4-12 record and the No. 4 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are the only team to have reached the Super Bowl four times consecutively (1991-1994). They lost all four of their appearances, in a row to the New York Giants, the Washington Redskins, and twice to the Dallas Cowboys. The Bills last qualified for postseason play in 1999.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans have never won a Superbowl, but they did make it to the big game in the 1999 season. The team was then known as the Houston Oilers and had been around since 1960. They made it to three AFL championship games (1960-61, 1967) without winning, but they were two-time AFC champions in the late 1060s after joining the NFL (1961).

Then Houston moved to Tennessee in 1997 and became known as the Titans. In their first year there, 1998, with Julius Jones at QB and Eddie George at RB, they went 13-3 and won their division. They beat Buffalo in a wild-card game then got past Indianapolis before losing to Jacksonville 20-19 on an improbably long kick that would be dubbed “The Kick.”

But in 1999 the Titans again cruised through their division with 13 wins before beating Buffalo again and Indianapolis for a second time on an amazing reverse play (“Music City Miracle”) that set up their first (losing) Superbowl appearance against St Louis.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have several issues that are preventing them from fulfilling their destiny. Although their talent is undeniable, the team lacks chemistry and support from management.

  • Talent: The Vikings have a solid quarterback in Kirk Cousins and an excellent defense (they only gave up 11 rushing touchdowns this season). They also had three wide receivers who each caught at least one touchdown pass this season: Adam Thielen (6), Stefon Diggs (4), and Laquon Treadwell (1).
  • Chemistry: The defensive line has repeatedly bickered about who’s the best player on the team. This rivalry has led to repeated infighting on game days. If they can’t learn to play together as a team, they’ll never be able to achieve their goals.
  • Lack of leadership: Ownership isn’t providing coaching staff with the resources they need in order to effectively train new players and draft rookies that will contribute to winning seasons. The organization needs better leaders in order for them to produce more successful results on both sides of ball every year moving forward into future seasons/years

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never won a Super Bowl in their history. This is because their team has been bad for most of the time that they’ve been around. They have had bad luck with quarterbacks, especially since it seems like every year they draft a new one who doesn’t pan out or gets injured soon after playing.

They have had poor coaching as well. Their coaches haven’t really done anything to improve the team over time. 

These reasons are why this team will never win a super bowl:

  • They don’t play defense very well
  • Their offense isn’t good enough to score more points than opponents consistently
  • Their quarterback can’t throw downfield accurately on a consistent basis due to a lack of arm strength and accuracy issues with his deep passes (he also tends to lock up when pressured by defenses). These things combined result in a lot of interceptions thrown which leads directly to losses against other teams instead of wins like we want them too!

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are the only NFL team to have never won a Super Bowl. Though they were founded in 2002 and have made the playoffs just three times in 15 seasons, the Texans have never made it past the divisional round of the playoffs. 

All these teams haven’t won a super bowl yet.

These are the NFL teams that have never won a Super Bowl:

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Detroit Lions
  • Houston Texans
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Los Angeles Chargers/San Diego Chargers (name change)
  • Los Angeles Rams/St. Louis Rams (name change)
  • Minnesota Vikings

Why they didn’t win?

The four most common reasons why teams don’t win the Super Bowl are:

  • They had to play against a better team.
  • They lacked a good coach.
  • Someone on their team wasn’t playing well.
  • Luck didn’t go their way.

What causes them not to win:

There are a number of teams that have never won the Super Bowl. The reasons they haven’t won could be due to a lack of skill, talent, leadership, or focus in the organization. Another reason could simply be that they haven’t had their turn yet!

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