What is the mike in football?

The middle linebacker (as “the mike” or “mike”) is the quarterback of the defense. He’s also known linebacker because he stands in between two offensive linemen and has to read plays very quickly in order to make decisions about where he should be when they snap the ball.

The mike linebacker is usually asked to cover running backs out wide or tight ends near their own goal line; however, sometimes he’ll be asked to cover someone else entirely like an extra receiver or even a tight end who lines up at wide receiver (a position called “Y” tight end).

The leader of any team’s defense plays at this position because he knows what’s going on all over the field better than anyone else does, and since every player on his side depends on him for leadership and direction, it makes sense that they would want someone who can keep everyone together while still making good decisions under pressure.

So, What is the mike in football?

A mike linebacker is a defensive player who lines up at the line of scrimmage and helps stop the run by tackling opposing ball carriers. The position was created because there were no good linebackers at the time, so coaches decided to create one that could cover ground quickly and tackle well.


Where the Mike Lines Up?

The mike linebacker lines up behind the middle linebacker. This position is usually one of the most important in American football because it’s where you want to put your best pass-rushers and coverage players.

The Mike Linebacker Lines Up: On The Line Of Scrimmage

In most offensive formations, there are two major differences between an NFL offense and those found in college or high school:

(1) how many wide receivers are on each side of the field and

(2) whether or not they’re running routes while lined up as they would be at quarterback depth (which means they’re standing still).


He’s responsible for defending the middle of the field and making sure no one gets through that gap. This means he has to be able to play both against the run and pass, which makes him one of the most important players on your team!

The Role of the Mike Linebacker:

A mike linebacker may not be as flashy as other players, but he’s still an important part of your team, and if he isn’t performing up to par, then there’s no way you’ll win.

The goal of this position is to make sure that opposing offenses don’t have much success moving downfield and scoring touchdowns when they come into your end zone. As such, the Mike Linebacker (or simply “Mike”) is responsible for calling plays and making adjustments during games (both his own team’s offense and an opposing team’s offense).

He also establishes where other members of his unit will set up themselves on field-level with regard to ball security: whether it’s high school football or professional football.

If someone tries stealing it away from them when they’re backpedaling quickly across midfield towards their sideline spotters who are watching closely over their shoulders.

It could lead right back across into enemy territory allowing them another chance at pressing forward again!

What Traits does Mike need?

  • Mike is a leader. He must be able to read the offense and know where he needs to be on every play in order to help his teammates.
  • Mike needs good speed, which means he must be able to run with the ball after making a tackle or picking up a fumble.
  • Mike’s job requires him to rush the passer as well as drop into coverage when needed.

What does Mike stand for in football?

The middle linebacker is the second most important player on defense. He’s responsible for setting the tone of a game and making sure everything runs smoothly in his area.

His name is typically Mike or Kevin, but it can also be called middle linebacker if he’s playing centerfield (middle) or even “Mike” as a nickname.

The mike also stands for middle linebacker because that’s where he will usually be standing when he chooses to make an interception or sack on offense, which means you might see him named that way sometimes too!

What is a mike linebacker?

The mike linebacker is the middle linebacker in a four-man front. He’s usually the leader of the defense, making all the calls and leading his teammates through on-field rehearsals. He must be able to read and react quickly without being affected by fatigue or hunger, which can slow down his brain function.

The mike linebacker will often line up next to an inside linebacker (ILB) or outside linebacker (OLBs), but he can also play as an extra player near the line of scrimmage if needed.

Why do they call it a blind spot?

It’s called “blind spot” because it can be difficult to see and block out in a game, especially when you have to play against other players who are moving around more than you do.

The mike linebacker has to cover the area between him and his teammates that isn’t in his line of sight (which means he may not even know where they are). This can put him at risk of being taken out by running backs or quarterbacks who sprint into this space without being noticed until too late.


The mike linebacker is a position that is often misunderstood but is essential to any team’s success. If you want to play this position for your team, there are many traits that you should look for in order to be successful: speed, instincts, power, and toughness.

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