What is mixed wheelchair rugby?

People with certain disabilities can’t be ignored; their life is not meaningless_not just for passing aimlessly. They can be a true asset to our society in many ways. Mixed wheelchair rugby is one of the best ways to demonstrate their remaining potential to the world with the exciting physical sport.


What is mixed wheelchair rugby?

Mixed wheelchair rugby is a sport for athletes, both male and female, with disabilities to participate on the same team, on a volleyball on a basketball court. It was invented by Canadian Gerry Terwin, Duncan Campbell, Randy Dueck, Paul LeJeune, and Chris Sargent, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

They created this new sport because they couldn’t play other sports that required bodily movement. When it came time to play competitive wheelchair basketball or wheelchair tennis, those sports required some form of bodily movement.

Their solution was mixed wheelchair rugby, which is based on a modified version of Australian rules football played with three players per team instead of four.

Each player has an arm-powered scooter that can glide over the playing surface but must be steered manually in order to change direction (much like a Segway), and cannot pick up or put down the scooter without assistance from another player.

In addition to creating competition for people with disabilities, mixed wheelchair rugby provides participants with opportunities for community interaction and camaraderie among those who might not otherwise meet each other in other circumstances.

Is a wheelchair different from rugby? It is not entirely different from rugby but it adopted some elements of basketball, handball, and ice hockey to make it suitable for disabled athletes.

Who can play wheelchair rugby?

In the competitive wheelchair rugby, athletes with tetraplegia/quadriplegia are only allowed to participate, however, people with a handicap affecting two limbs can also participate for fun. Additionally, people with paraplegics, triple amputees, and degenerative diseases are also allowed.

The Quad Father developed the basic rules of wheelchair rugby for quadriplegics and other disabled athletes.

Can able-bodied play wheelchair rugby? A physically fit person can play for fun and entertainment as long as he or she is younger as the sport is played to promote education and moral value.


Wheelchair rugby is one of the fastest-growing wheelchair sports in the world. it is played in around 40 countries, 30 of which are members of the IWRF.

Players must have at least some loss of function in both their upper and lower limbs. Some players are paraplegic (paralyzed from the waist down) while others have lost function in all four limbs.

Rugby itself has been around for over 100 years and was adapted for people with disabilities in the late 1970s.

Is wheelchair rugby an Olympic sport? Yes, before it is officially adopted at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games as a popular Para-sports for disabled athletes, it was introduced in1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games.

Is it hard?


When it comes to the sport of wheelchair rugby, there are a few prerequisites for success. You have to have physical and mental strength, and also a desire to win.

The game is not for the faint-hearted: you will be hit, hard, often; and you need to be able to take that hit and then hit back. However, you are not going to see Cauliflower ears in this because players don’t have to go through scrambling, tackling, mauling, and breakdowns live regular rugby. They do it with a wheelchair.


It is hard because of the full-contact nature and athletes must produce superhuman strength and aggressiveness to score. Maneuvering a wheelchair within seconds, and taking pain is a regular thing.

What are the rules of wheelchair rugby?

The thing that makes wheelchair rugby so compelling is how it combines the fundamental ideas of teamwork, physical prowess, athleticism, and camaraderie into a sports-like setting.

How to score on wheelchair rugby? Players each take turns throwing a ball at each other. They may use their arms to pass the ball, but no kicking is allowed. The object is for each player to score points by crossing the goal line with the ball and both wheels of the wheelchair.

Rules of wheelchair rugby:

  • Two teams of four players compete to move a ball across their opponent’s goal line bypassing or carrying it.
  • The game is fast-paced and highly physical, with frequent body contact between wheelchairs.
  • Players must strike the ball to the ground in order to pass it on to another teammate or gain ground toward the goal line.
  • Points are scored when a player crosses the opponent’s goal line with at least two wheels of their chair while in possession of the ball.
  • It is an inclusive sport, which means that men and women can play together on the same teams. The sport combines elements from wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, and handball.
  • No leg contact is allowed when tackling another player, including kicking or pulling their wheelchair out from under them.
  • Players cannot throw the ball.
  • Players cannot hold or grip the ball with their hands; instead, they must use one hand to push the ball forward by bouncing it off the wheels of their chair.
  • A player may carry the ball for a maximum of 10 seconds before it must be handed off to another player on his team, or shot at the goal.
  • To avoid the clock being run down a 40-second shot clock was introduced in 2008.
  • Two wheels must cross to count to hit a score.

The goal of each team is to score goals by getting the ball across their opponent’s goal line while maintaining possession of it. After each score, play stops and resumes with a free pass from midcourt back into play toward either goal line, depending on which team scored last. Teams can also earn points for knocking opponents’ chairs over during gameplay and for causing penalties.


Do I need teamwork?

Teamwork is a huge part of wheelchair rugby. You can’t play rugby by yourself. Having a good team is important for getting strong in attack and defense and winning games.

There are still some individual duties you’ll need to do, however:

  • Attackers will need to dribble the ball over the halfway line before they can pass it to another teammate, who then needs to catch it before they can dribble their own ball.
  • Defenders with two wheels will be responsible for blocking attackers from shooting at the goal – this includes players who have scored three tries already. This means defenders will continually move around the court as each player scores a try, making teamwork even more critical!

It is a physically challenging sport that requires you to have mental toughness and a desire to win.

How many quarters in wheelchair rugby?

Games are played with 4 quarters of 8 minutes each, with a 2-minute break at the end of each quarter. There is also a 5-minute halftime break. It’s important to rehydrate and refuel during the breaks between quarters and at halftime.

How long is a wheelchair rugby game?

Wheelchair rugby is played in four quarters of eight minutes each with ten-minute halftime.

Where is wheelchair rugby played?

Wheelchair rugby is played on an indoor basketball court that measures 15m in width by 28m in length. A ball of 260-280g with a circumference of 65-67cm is used to play it.

Wheelchair rugby is played in Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, New Zealand, France, and many other countries. The game was invented in Canada by athletes with quadriplegia who wanted a game that allowed them to play as a team.

How do you score in wheelchair rugby?

To score, a team must first cross a goal line with the ball in hand. Once a player on a team crosses the opposing team’s goal line, they can either continue to move into the end zone or stop and pass the ball to another player on that same team. If this second player then crosses over their opponent’s goal line, one point is earned for their team.

How does wheelchair rugby affect society?

Wheelchair rugby has had a positive effect on society. It’s helped the general public see that people with disabilities can lead very healthy, active lives and have a real passion for the sport. The players who compete in wheelchair rugby are elite athletes, and they’re proving to the public that they’re just as capable as able-bodied athletes.

The sport has also affected disabled people themselves; it’s helped them realize their full potential and discover that they can be competitive athletes. It’s also given them a way of fitting into society; before wheelchair rugby existed, many disabled people were excluded from sports activities due to their physical limitations.

Furthermore, mixed wheelchair rugby has shown how important it is for everyone to work together and form valuable relationships in order to achieve success. In mixed wheelchair rugby teams, both men and women work together toward the same goal: winning games!

How many wheelchair rugby teams are in the united states? There are currently 24 mixed wheelchair rugby teams in the United States.

Why is wheelchair rugby called murderball?

It is called murderball because of its aggressive, full-contact, and offensive nature that is designed to take physical punishment. Quadriplegic athletes use wheelchairs to attack and defend each other by clashing on the field which is considered dengerous.

What country did wheelchair rugby come from?

Wheelchair rugby was first developed during the early 1980s in Canada. It was later adopted by the United States and Great Britain, where it became popular with paraplegics. The sport then spread to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, and even Brazil. In 2005 a national team from Scotland competed in a wheelchair rugby event for the first time.

How much does wheelchair rugby cost?

The cost to own a wheelchair rugby chair can range anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000. Buying new is not necessary, as there are often used chairs available for purchase, and many teams loan equipment to newcomers.

Most chairs are custom-made by a company called Vario Reha Technik, which is based in Germany. For more information on how to acquire your own wheelchair rugby chair, contact your local team or the IWRF.

A wheelchair rugby player can save some money by not shaving their leg as they don’t need to show up to win greater attention.

Is wheelchair rugby a mixed sport?

Yes, it is a mixed sport played by both males and females on the same team combining elements of rugby, basketball, and handball.


In a nutshell, wheelchair rugby is an intense and demanding sport played by people with physical disabilities. These players use a tough, specially-designed chair to hit other players in the opposing team’s chairs while they try to get the ball across the goal line. It’s all about teamwork, body contact, and scoring points.

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