What Happens If A Hockey Goalie Crosses The Center Line


If a goaltender crosses the center line (also known as the red line), they are subject to specific rules and potential penalties. The center line is the red line at the center of the ice rink, dividing it into two equal halves.

If a hockey goalie deliberately crosses the center line and enters the opposing team’s side of the ice, they will be assessed a penalty for “leaving the crease.” This is a minor penalty, usually resulting in the goalie serving two minutes in the penalty box.

The rule is in place to prevent goalies from interfering with or participating in play outside of their designated area, known as the crease. Goalies are typically only allowed to play the puck behind the goal line in a trapezoid-shaped area, as defined by the goaltender’s crease.

However, it’s essential to note that accidental crossings, such as during a save attempt or momentum carrying the goalie across the center line, are not penalized. The rule applies primarily to intentional actions taken by the goalie to participate in the game beyond their allowed zone.

What is the crease in hockey, and what are its rules for goalies?

The crease, also known as the goalie crease, is the semi-circular area in front of the goal net. It serves as the designated zone for the goalie. Goalies are allowed to stop the puck within the crease and use their bodies to block shots. However, opposing players are not allowed to enter the crease unless they have possession of the puck. If an opposing player interferes with the goalie inside the crease, it may result in a goaltender interference penalty.

Can a goalie handle the puck anywhere on the ice?

No, goalies have specific restrictions on where they can handle the puck. They are allowed to handle the puck only in the designated area behind the goal line known as the trapezoid. The trapezoid is a shape marked on the ice, and it restricts the goalie from playing the puck in certain areas behind the net. If the goalie plays the puck outside the trapezoid, they may be penalized for the delay of the game.

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