Was 1966 world cup broadcast in colour?


The BBC and ITV both showed the 1966 World Cup in black and white, but it wasn’t until 1970 that colour broadcasts were introduced.

Was the 1966 world cup broadcast in colour?

The BBC did show all six of England’s matches in the tournament in black-and-white, but their documentary on the 1966 World Cup was filmed in colour. So if you want to watch footage of an England match from that year, it would be wise to know which version is being broadcasted!

The World Cup was broadcast in black and white, so if you’re wondering whether or not the 1966 World Cup was broadcast in colour, the answer is no.

England’s matches were shown on a BBC documentary called World Cup 1966, which aired just after each match. The show featured commentary from Kenneth Wolstenholme and Jimmy Hill as well as a mix of highlights and interviews with players and fans.

The documentary was a big hit—it was watched by an estimated 20 million people during its run!

Was the 1966 World Cup in black and white?

The 1966 World Cup was broadcast in black and white. However, there were some colour highlights, including the final between England and West Germany which took place at Wembley stadium.

At the time, colour TV was still in its infancy and only a small percentage of households owned a colour television set, so it makes sense that the BBC would show it in black and white.

Is the 1966 World Cup televised?

The 1966 World Cup was televised in the UK, but it’s a bit of a tricky question.

The BBC broadcasted the 1966 World Cup and there is no doubt that it was the first World Cup to be televised in colour. However, this doesn’t mean it was the first world cup to be televised in general.

This is because many countries were still using black and white sets at this point, so some people might have watched their TV coverage of previous tournaments on black and white screens.

Was the 1966 World Cup shown in cinemas?

The 1966 World Cup was also shown in cinemas. If you were in the UK or North America, you could see it on television. In Asia and Europe, it was shown at movie theaters.

Why did England wear red shirts in the 1966 World Cup?

England wore red shirts at the 1966 World Cup because they had a deal with Umbro and Umbro made red shirts for them. However, England had worn red before the tournament as well, so it wasn’t just because of their deal with Umbro.

Did ITV show the 1966 World Cup final?

ITV did not show the 1966 World Cup final. The channel showed the 1966 World Cup semi-finals, quarter-finals, round of 16 matches, and even some of the group stage matches.

What was the first televised football match?

You might be surprised to learn that the first televised football match was actually between Arsenal and Liverpool in 1950.

The first televised FA Cup final was in 1953, where Blackpool beat Bolton Wanderers 4-3 in a replay at Wembley Stadium.

In 1954, Arsenal beat Preston North End 2-0 with goals from Ray Daniel and Tommy Docherty. The match was shown on ITV’s Saturday afternoon sports program World of Sport.

In 1955, Newcastle United lost 3-1 to Manchester City in front of almost 25 million viewers on BBC One.

How many TV channels were there in 1966 in the UK?

There were only 3 TV channels: BBC1, BBC2, and ITV. ITV was the first commercial channel in the UK while BBC1 and BBC2 were both public service broadcasters (the same as today’s Channel 4).

However, only those with a colour television could see all of England’s journey through the ’66 World Cup. In fact, it wasn’t until 1967 that ITV was able to broadcast its programs in colour– but by then it was too late!


Yes, the 1966 World Cup was broadcast in colour, it just wasn’t in colour all the time. The BBC covered matches involving England and some others in black-and-white, while ITV had exclusive rights to show matches involving other nations and did so with colour broadcasts.

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