Rugby player salary – How much do a rugby player make?

I don’t think any youngster is attracted to the game of rugby when it comes to earning money. Because other games have a lot more money to offer than rugby. Rugby is a masculine sport. This game requires strength and technique. Sometimes fight with pain and health problem like Cauliflower Ears.

Young people come to this game out of love, but the general question of many young people is what kind of income does a rugby player actually earn?

Rugby player salary

How much do rugby players make?

A male rugby player makes an average of $ 50k to $ 70k per year and a female rugby player makes an average of $ 30k to $ 35k per year. However, skilled rugby players can make up to $ 70k to $ 300k per year depending on performance.

Rugby player salary

How do England’s rugby players earn?

England’s new rugby player earns between $ 20k and $ 40k, but with experience and skill, this amount increases a lot. Some first-class rugby players, for example, earn an average of $ 800k to $1.3 million.

How do South African rugby players earn?

South African top rugby players can earn up to $1 million a year, but the average player earns $30k to $40k dollars.

How does the Rugby player earn in America?

American rugby players are just getting popular but they make good money. Earnings ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 45,000. However, some players will earn half a million dollars.

How are the salaries of rugby players determined?

Rugby players’ salaries are determined based on their popularity and skills. A rugby player can only make 25k to 32k at first but if he can be a good player he can earn $70k to $100k dollars.

The world’s greatest rugby players typically earn close to $1 million, but their numbers are very limited.

What does a rugby player earn like other players?

Although a rugby player earns much less in the beginning, his income gradually increases. Take England, for example, where a rugby player may have made a living of $25,000 in the beginning. However, new contract opportunities will soon be available in the rugby player’s performance is much better. His income ranges from $70k to $130k.

So rugby players like football, NFL, NBA, and other sports have a fairly good income.

Do footballers earn more than rugby players?

Of course, footballers also earn more than in the rugby game. Football clubs are much richer than rugby clubs. As the global demand and market value of footballers is many times higher, a footballer will definitely earn more than a rugby player.

Top 10 height paying rugby player

An ordinary rugby player earns less at the beginning of his career but his income increases a lot later. Now we will discuss the top 10 players on what kind of income.

10. Morgan Parra – $ 862,800

The French rugby player earns more than $862,800 annually. He has played in more than 70 matches for France. Also participated in 320 matches for the club. The great player has given many honors and titles to the French national rugby team and French clubs in his career.

9. Nicolas Sanchez – $ 862,800

With an annual income of $862,800, this player occupies the top 9 spots in the top ten list. Argentina has played 90 times for sky blue jersey holders. Among the notable works was losing to New Zealand in 2020, scoring a career-high 25 points.

8. Dan Biggar – $ 890,600

Dan Biggar is one of the top players in Wales. The rise of his career began in 2018 with the victory of Rugby Club in the Premier League. He has won other honors for Wales in the 90s and beyond. The great player was also named BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2015.

7. Steven Luatua – $ 974,300

Earning $ 974,300, Steven Luatua is a proud member of the all-black rugby team. He is a winner of the 2020 Challenge Cup. He has played 15 times for his home country New Zealand. The latest was in New Zealand in 2016. Now he is basically playing for the club.

6. Owen Farrell – $ 1,113,500

No. 6 Owen Farrell proudly introduces England at No. 6 with an annual income of $ 1,113,500. He is one of the most famous players in the world. He has captained England and played for the country 90 times. He has also scored 1000 points in 200 appearances for the club. His 1000 points are the second-highest for England.

5. Maro Itoje – $ 1,148,800

At number five, Maro Itoje proudly puts England on the world stage with an annual salary of $ 1,148,800. He is considered one of the best players in the world. He has been to the club more than 130 times and has played in 50 games for England.

4. Finn Russell – $ 1,183,600

Finn Russell Finn Russell proudly ranks fourth in the Bristol Ward with a $ 1,148,800 yearly income. A proud member of the Scottish national team. He played for Scotland fifty times.

3. Eben Etzebeth – $ 1,253,200

The South African Proud Player event ranks third with an annual income of $ 1,253,200. He is a proud member of the South African national team. The 2019 Rugby World Cup in South Africa that had his hands behind his back is impeccable. He played for the national team 95 times.

2. Handré Pollard – $ 1,392,700

South African player Handré Pollard is proudly in second place with an annual salary of around $ 1,392,700. As well as being a member of South Africa’s World Cup-winning team, he has given super likes to his sidebar games for the national team. And managed to score 22 points in the 2019 World Cup final.

1. Charles Piutau – $ 1,392,700

At the top of our list is Charles Piutau who proudly takes first place every year with a massive $ 1,392,700 annual salary. Playing for the New Zealand national team, this player is known as the most expensive player in the world. He was originally described as one of the best players in Europe. He was named the best player in 2015.


To conclude, How much is a rugby player’s salary is a big question asked by young rugby talents & desperate to learn about rugby player salary.

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