Privacy policy

We value our customer’s privacy and we will never sell users’ data to any third-party websites. However, we may monetize our website via ad networks or affiliate networks. Sometimes we may refer you to affiliate links in which you can purchase products, although we do not collect users’ data. But on the link that you are clicking the network (Amazon or eBay) may collect your data on their policy.


Comment policy

Every day comes across this website is encouraged to drop a comment for better user engagement in this process you may need your email address and your real name and your website at this if you want those data will be collected in our database however we do not use any data who comments on this website we will also check your IP address and browser user agent what spam detection

We reserve every right to filter your comments and make changes to them because a lot of the time we saw people trying marketing efforts on our blog. So we had to remove those families from their comments and sometimes we have to filter some words that are inappropriate for our community.


Cookie policy

We may use cookies to ensure better results for our visitors. But don’t worry, every website on this internet uses cookies for a better User Experience. But we do collect your data for commercial purposes. It simply tracks user movement to better understand what types of articles the user wants to see and it delivers that type of content to the particular users.

However, if you want to clear our cookie you can do it from your browser within a minute. It is not difficult to delete cookies. Simply go to YouTube and search “how to delete cookies from my browser”.


Embed content from other websites

Sometimes we use embedded content from YouTube, sometimes we use embedded images from trusted sources. If you click on that particular embedded content or email we do not guarantee your data because we do not collect data from the particular object.  So you better check their policy before you click.

But I don’t think there is a person on the earth who is not using YouTube. So it is pretty cool and normal things to embed videos from YouTube. We do not embed videos from other sources so you can rely on our embedded contact they are pretty safe.


How to delete your data from our website

You can simply email and request to remove your data from comments we will do it within 3 to 7 business days depending on workload.

Contact information: 07tomanderson at( replace at with@)


In the end, we reserve power and authority to change, edit and delete any information on this website, and our privacy policy may change at any time.