Who has won the most 6 nations Grand Slams?


Grand Slams is a title that is awarded in the Six Nation rugby tournament. It is the symbol of honor, Prestige, and team spirit that tells the world who is the best in rugby. Since the beginning of the tournament, England and Walse have been continuously winning most of the time. However, in recent times, … Read more

Do rugby players shave their legs?


If you’ve been to rugby regularly, you’ve probably noticed that some rugby players have clean-shaven feet except in mixed wheelchair rugby. The question that remains in the minds of many is why do players save their feet? While there are many reasons behind shaving rugby players’ legs, there are only 4 main ones: Hairs are … Read more

Why Do Rugby Players Get Cauliflower Ears?


For whatever reason, it may look like cauliflower to the players’ ears, but it is a part of every player’s life. You can easily tell by looking at these cauliflower-like ears that the player once played Rugby. Rugby players with cauliflower ears have a higher risk of hearing loss. What is cauliflower ear? In rugby, … Read more