What Do They Put On Boxers Faces To Stop Bleeding?


The standard practice for stopping bleeding on a boxer’s face is to use a combination of substances known as “hemostatic agents.” These agents are designed to promote blood clotting and accelerate the body’s natural process of hemostasis, which is the cessation of bleeding. There are several types of hemostatic agents commonly used in combat sports … Read more

What Is Drunken Boxing? Unraveling The Mystique


What is drunken boxing? Drunken Boxing, also known as Drunken Fist or Zui Quan in Chinese, is a traditional martial art that originated in China. It is one of the more unique and entertaining styles of Chinese martial arts, characterized by its fluid and unpredictable movements that imitate the actions of a drunken person. Despite … Read more

What is boxing?


Boxing is a combat sport and martial art that originated in England. It involves two people fighting each other with their fists, and it can be done standing or on the ground. The goal of boxing is to put your opponent down by landing punches on his or her head, body, or face. Boxing is … Read more

Why Does Boxing Have So Many Belts?


As I was watching a recent boxing match, I thought to myself: “Wow, there are so many belts up for grabs. It makes you wonder how many belts can a boxer win?” The answer is that it depends on the boxer, the division, and the type of belt itself. The point is to have fun … Read more

Can You Headbutt In UFC?


In the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are many moves that are illegal in the ring. Headbutts fall under this category and are not allowed during a UFC fight. However, the rules governing MMA changed in 2016 to allow headbutts so long as they only result in “incidental contact”. In this article, we’ll … Read more

How Do UFC Fighters Get Their Nicknames?


It’s hard to imagine MMA fighters without their nicknames, but most of them were given the moniker long before they stepped into the octagon. In fact, many of them have been fighting with those names for years. Learn about how these UFC personalities got their nicknames and whether or not they actually like them. How … Read more

Why Do UFC Fighters Wear Vaseline?


What Is Vaseline? Vaseline is a brand name for petroleum jelly, which is used for moisturizing and healing the skin. The generic name for Vaseline is petrolatum. This substance is an ingredient in some cosmetics and other products, but it is not an active ingredient in MMA fighting. UFC fighters use Vaseline to protect their … Read more