Can Lacrosse Goalies Use Their Hands?


Can Lacrosse Goalies Use Their Hands? Goalies are allowed to use their hands, arms, and sticks to block shots, catch and redirect the ball away, to pass the ball, however, they must be prohibited from holding the ball outside the crease for more than four seconds. Interfering with an opponent’s stick during a shot or … Read more

What Size Lacrosse Gloves Do I Need?


Determining the correct size of lacrosse gloves is crucial for comfort, protection, and overall performance on the field. The sizing can vary depending on the brand and model of the gloves. Keep in mind that these are approximate measurements, and it’s always recommended to try on the gloves before making a purchase. Lacrosse Gloves Size … Read more

Lacrosse Equipment List: For Players & Goalies


Explore our comprehensive lacrosse equipment list, featuring essential gear like sticks, helmets, pads, and gloves for field players. Here’s a comprehensive list of lacrosse equipment, along with explanations of their purposes and the players they are intended for: Lacrosse Safety Equipment List #1 Lacrosse Stick: The primary tool used to handle and shoot the ball. … Read more

Do Lacrosse Players Wear Cups? 


Yes, lacrosse players often wear protective cups as part of their equipment. A cup, also known as an athletic supporter, is a device worn by male athletes to protect the genitals from injury. It consists of a hard shell or cup-shaped pouch that encloses and shields the sensitive area. In lacrosse, players face various physical … Read more

Do Lacrosse Players Wear Pads?


Yes, lacrosse players do wear pads, although the extent and types of pads worn can vary depending on the level of play and personal preference of the player. The primary goal of wearing pads in lacrosse is to provide protection against potential injuries that can occur during gameplay. Common types of pads worn by lacrosse … Read more

Why Do Women’s Lacrosse Players Drop Their Sticks?


Why Do Women’s Lacrosse Players Drop Their Sticks? Players occasionally drop their sticks during gameplay. This action is known as a “self-start” or a “stick drop” and serves a specific purpose within the rules of the game. The primary reason for dropping the stick in women’s lacrosse is to enable a quick restart of play … Read more

What Is Whip In Lacrosse?


What is whip in lacrosse? A whip refers to the number of curves or bends in the head of a lacrosse stick. The whip affects the way the ball is released from the stick when shooting or passing. A high whip results in a more pronounced bend, which can provide added accuracy and power to … Read more

How Hard Is A Lacrosse Ball?


The hardness of a lacrosse ball is measured using a Shore durometer, which is a device that determines the material’s resistance to indentation. The measurement is expressed in durometer units (Durometer A scale). Based on the regulations established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL), the acceptable range … Read more

Lacrosse Ball Size Chart


Lacrosse Ball size chart: Lacrosse ball vs tennis ball size chart: What is a lacrosse ball? A lacrosse ball is a small, solid rubber ball specifically designed for use in the sport of lacrosse. It is the primary object of play in the game. It is typically made of high-density, vulcanized rubber, which provides durability … Read more