How To Organize A Golf Bag For Push Cart?


Most golfers like to play with a golf push cart because it’s easier to carry and store than a golf bag. However, if you don’t organize your golf bag properly, you won’t get the best out of the pushcart.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you organize your golf bag for use with a push cart:

How To Organize A Golf Bag?

Put Your Shoes First In The Bag:

Put your shoes first in the bag. This will help you find them quickly and prevent the bag from tipping over if you have to put it down while playing. It also helps ensure that you don’t step on your expensive golf shoes, which can be easy to do when they’re buried at the bottom of your bag and not attached to your feet!

Then Put All The Heavy Stuff At the Bottom Of A Golf Bag:

  • Put all the heavy stuff at the bottom of your bag.
  • Then put items that you use more often towards the top of your bag.
  • After that, fill up your bag with any remaining items you want to carry around.

Put Tees, Balls, Gloves, & Other Accessories In The Bag Pockets:

After you have organized your golf bag, it is time to add accessories. First, put tees in the tee pouch and balls in their assigned ball pocket. After this, put gloves in their appropriate glove pocket and any other accessories (like a towel or sunscreen) into the other pockets.

Put Valuables Like Phone, Keys, and wallet In The Top Pocket:

If you have valuables like a phone, keys, wallet, and other things that are easy to lose while playing golf. Then put them in a separate pocket or one that is waterproof so that it won’t be damaged by rain. Also, make sure that you can easily access these items when needed for your convenience.

Put Your Umbrella Near The Top Of The Golf Bag:

There are several ways in which you can organize your golf bag to make it easier to use:

  • Put your umbrella near the top of the bag. This will allow you to easily reach it when you need it during a storm or if it starts raining during your round. The top pocket is perfect for this. If you don’t have enough room in your top pocket, try putting it in an outside pocket so that its easy access is even more obvious.
  • If there isn’t enough room inside, consider placing a small lamp on the bottom of the golf bag so that when darkness falls and everyone else has gone home, you’ll still be able to see where everything is located inside!

Put A Spare Umbrella In The Outside Pocket Of The Bag For Rain:

Don’t put your umbrella in the bag! You’ll be annoyed when you have to keep taking it out each time you want to use it, and it will get torn up. Keep the umbrella outside of your bag so that it’s easy to access and won’t get lost.

Then again, don’t just leave it laying around either, it might get wet or dirty if you do that. Put the umbrella in a sleeve or cover for protection from rain and dirt. Remember that this is also an item with monetary value (you could buy a new one if yours gets ruined).

Keep The Sandwich, Banana, And Drink In The Middle Pocket Of The Golf Bag:

Keep the sandwich, banana, and drink in the middle pocket of a golf bag. Place your water bottle in a side pocket for easy access; keep snacks and sunscreen on the opposite side for later.

If you’re playing a full 18 holes, it’s helpful to pack an extra snack or two for the end of the round when hunger strikes again!

Keep A Towel In Each Side Pocket Of A Golf Bag:

Many golfers carry a towel in their bag because they like to wipe their hands, face, and neck with it. A golf towel should be a nice size so that you can use it to wipe sweat from your body as well as the golf bag.

It’s also handy for wiping any sweat that has built up on the push cart handle or seat of your portable cart.

Organize Your Golf Bag Carefully To Make Using A Pushcart Easier

  • Keep your clubs in the bag and strapped to the pushcart so that your golf clubs don’t break.
  • Store shoes in a shoe bag or something similar that can be easily removed from the golf bag.
  • Find a way to store an umbrella so it doesn’t flop around when you’re using it but isn’t hard to get out when needed.
  • Put valuables for safekeeping at the bottom of your golf bag, like money and credit cards (if you use them), keys, and anything else that could get lost or stolen if left loose in your pocket or purse. Some people choose to wear fanny packs as well, which is fine as long as they aren’t too bulky or uncomfortable under clothing.
  • Don’t have any sharp objects poking out of them! Some bags come with extra pockets for storing items like cell phones, wallets, and keys so they’re easily accessible while playing golf but still protected against thieves who may try stealing these things while you play on courses with high crime rates nearby.

How Do You Secure A Golf Bag On A Push Cart?

  • Use a cart strap and secure it through the loops on either side of your golf bag and then secure it with a cart bag strap.
  • Use a cart bag strap, attach it to the bottom hook of your push cart, then secure it through the loops on either side of your golf bag, or
  • Use both a cart strap and a cart bag strap to secure your golf bag onto your push cart! This method is optimal because you will not have to worry about any stability issues while driving around in addition to having extra security with an additional lock point (the second hook).

Mistakes To Avoid:

If you’re using a push cart, there are some mistakes you should avoid when organizing your golf bag.

  • Don’t overpack your bag. The less weight in the bag, the easier it will be to push around.
  • Don’t put heavy items near the bottom of your golf bag. You’ll have more control over where exactly you’re placing each item if they’re all evenly distributed throughout the entire piece of luggage.
  • Don’t put valuable items like wallets and phones in the top pockets of your golf bags because they can easily fall out when carting around rough terrain or bumpy roads (and get lost).
  • Don’t put an umbrella in between other items in your golf bag—you don’t want it getting crushed by something else that could damage its shape or lead to leaks from moisture accumulation within folded fabric parts!


With a little organization, you can make traveling with your golf push cart a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

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