How much do league 2 players earn?


EFL League 2 is the third tier of English football. The EFL (English Football League) was founded in 1888 as a single league consisting of 12 clubs and has expanded to incorporate 92 clubs across four divisions – 24 in League Two alone.

The wages for players who play at this level are not as high as those playing in top-flight football.

How much do league 2 players earn?

The average wage for EFL League 2 players is around £50k per year though some players can earn more than this if they have good contracts or bonuses. Typically, a player on an average salary would earn between £1,000 per week before tax.

Who are the Highest Earners in League 2?

David Nugent from England earns weekly £12,000 and yearly £624,000. He plays for Tranmere Rovers. Age 35 years

  • There are around 240 players from England who earn around 20 million pounds per year
  • The rest of the players in League 2 are from other countries such as Japan, China, France, Germany, etc.

League 1 vs League 2: Salaries

To compare the salaries between League 1 and League 2, we must first understand what an average salary is. An average is a number that describes the collective values of all data points in a dataset.

So if you want to know the average salary for EFL players, you would need to look at every player’s contract and add up all of their salaries; then divide by how many players there are.

In terms of the average salary, League 1 players earn around $40k more than their League 2 counterparts. The median salary is also higher in League 1, which means that more players are paid above-average wages than below-average wages.

League 2 salary cap

The League 2 salary cap is £2.5m per season, with a minimum of £7,000 per week. This figure includes any bonuses and other payments made to players in addition to their basic wage. The maximum that any individual player can earn is £1,850 per week (or £85k per year).

The rules regarding the league 2 salary cap are strictly enforced by the Football Association (FA). Players found guilty of breaching this rule face fines of up to 100% of their wages for any breach, but clubs may also be fined if they fail to report such breaches within seven days.

What Is The Prize Money For Winning League 2?

The prize money for winning League 2 is £60,000. This amount of money is split evenly among the players in the squad. On top of this, there are other prizes that can be won by the teams and their players. The play-off winners receive an extra £10,000 and the runners-up receive £5,000.

Is it enough?

The average League 2 footballer’s salary is £50,000 per year. This is much lower than the average salary of League 1, who earns £88,400 per year. However, it’s important to remember that League 2 footballers are not employees; they’re players and their salaries are paid by the club they play for.

But what do they get out of it? Well, there are many perks associated with being a professional footballer that can’t be put into numbers – such as having an incredibly high profile which can give you access to all kinds of opportunities after you retire from playing professionally (which isn’t likely since most professional athletes retire in their 30s).

Can their salary be increased?

The salary cap for League Two is £2.5m per club. This can be increased if clubs agree to it and pay higher wages, but this is a rare occurrence as there are only so many hours in the day and money can’t be used to buy more of that.

Top 10 highest earners of League 2:

David Nugent£624,000Ireland
Jake Hesketh£520,000Portugal
Declan John£436,800England
Jack Roles£369,200U.S.A
Nya Kirby£358,800England
Lee O’Connor£312,000England
Bruno Andrade£286,000England
Jamie Cumming£265,200England
Indiana Vassilev£265,200England
Tom Elliott£239,200England

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