How many times have Italy won in the 6 nations?

It is in the year 2000 when the Italian team joins the former five Nations making it six Nation rugby. Since its joining the Italian team has been struggling to win over others. This historic country has been displaying weak performance since its joining.

In this article, I am going to reveal why Italian is losing most of the rugby match in 6th Nation and if they win and I will explain how.

How many times have Italy won in the 6 nations

When did Italy join the 6 nations?

Italy joins the six Nations in the year 2000. Italy was introduced with the former five Nations to give the tournament more legitimacy and trust among rugby lovers.

That former five Nation authority also tried to engage more European countries in that tournament to creating more noise around it. Before the joining of Italy is team of the former five Nations could not play the same amount of rounds across Europe but the team Italy has brought the opportunities to play the same amount of rounds across Europe raising further interest among European citizens.

How many times have Italy won in the 6 nations?

Since joining, Italy has won 13 six Nations games, 7 against Scotland, 3 against Wales, 2 against France, and 1 against Ireland. Most of its winning games against Scotland but none of its winning games against England.

Italy v Scotland (34-20)2000
Italy v Wales (30-22)2003
Italy v Scotland (20-14)2004
Italy v Scotland (17-37)2007
Italy v Wales (23-20)2007
Italy v Scotland (23-20)2008
Italy v Scotland (16-12)2010
Italy v France (22-21)2011
Italy v Scotland (13-06)2012
Italy v France (23-18)2013
Italy v Ireland (22-15)2013
Italy v Scotland (19-22)2015
Italy v Wales (21-22)2022

When did Italy last win a 6 nations match?

Italy surprisingly win against Wells on 19 March 2022 with the surprise 22/21 away. This is the win the Italy Rugby team got after 7 years of waiting. Previously they won against Scotland in 2015.

Has Italy beaten Scotland?

Italy has beaten Scotland seven Times from 1998 to 2015.

Since joining Italy have performed a considerable against the Scottish Rugby Union team. They have maintained a 63% winning ratio with Scotland. All through Scotland have managed to on 25 of the 33 meetings.

Has Italy beaten France?

The Italian team have manage to win against France three times in 1997 2011 and 2013. It there 46th Ragini Union match when they secure the first-ever win with France.

Has Italy beaten Ireland?

The Italians have managed to secure 4 wins against Island in 1995 1997 1997 again and 2013. But since 2013 they have never seen any winning with the Irish team.

Has Italy beaten Wells?

The Italian rugby team secured winning against Wells fast in 2003 2007 and the latest 2022. But The Wales team managed 27 times winning against 31 matches.

Has Italy beaten England?

Italy has never beaten England in any rugby union competition. They have faced 29 times and the British have managed to secure winning every time.

It is the same for Italian gravity that they have never won with England. It seems that the Italian team cannot match the English attitude.

Has Italy won the 6 nations’ Grand Slams?

No, Italy has never won the 6-nations Grand Slams, not even a trophy since its joining!

Why is Italy bad at rugby?

Italian is not top of the class they fail to motivate their player to win rugby matches. Brings the shame to Italian people. I think they should invest more of their resources to write so that they can win more and more matches.

Will Italy win the 6 Nations trophy?

Well, I don’t think in the future Italy will be able to secure winning 6 Nation trophy. However, I believe they will perform better in the future.


It is highly unlikely that Italy is going to dominate the 6 Nation in the near future because they don’t have any star players on their team neither they able to motivate their countrymen to play more dedicatedly. Italy did win some of the agreed matches in 6 Nations they lose most of the time.

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