How Many Hockey Games in a Season?


In professional hockey leagues like NHL, the regular season typically consists of 82 games per team, 41 home games, and 41 away games.

Here’s a table summarizing the number of regular-season games for different hockey leagues:

LeagueNumber of Regular-Season Games
NHL (National Hockey League)82 games
AHL (American Hockey League)76 games
ECHL (formerly East Coast Hockey League)72 games
IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation)Varies
NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) DivisionVaries

Total NHL matches:

In the National Hockey League (NHL), each team plays 82 regular-season games. To calculate the total number of NHL matches in a season, you can multiply the number of teams by the number of games played by each team:

Total NHL matches = 1312 games (regular season)

With each teamTotal games
Against own division3 to 4 games26 games
Against other division3 games24 games
Against opposing Conference2 games32 games

How many games does a team play in the playoffs?

  • First Round: Best of seven series (up to 7 games)
  • Second Round: Best of seven series (up to 7 games)
  • Conference Finals: Best of seven series (up to 7 games)
  • Stanley Cup Finals: Best of seven series (up to 7 games)

The total number of games a team or player could play:

PhaseNumber of Games
Exhibitiontypically 2-6 games
Regular Season82 games
PlayoffsTotal28 games

Is it always 82 games in a season?

No, before the 1995-96 season, the number of games played was not always 82.

SeasonsNumber of games
191722 games
193048 games
1946-4760 games
1949-5070 games
1974-7580 games
1992-9384 games
1993-9484 games
1995-96 to present82 games


Does every team in the NHL play the same number of games in a season?

Yes, each team in the NHL plays 82 games in the regular season.

Are there any exceptions to the 82-game schedule in the NHL?

Generally, the NHL follows an 82-game schedule, but there have been instances where the number of games was reduced due to lockouts or other extraordinary circumstances.

How does the number of games in the NHL regular season compare to other hockey leagues?

The NHL’s 82-game regular season is the standard for professional hockey leagues. Other leagues, such as the AHL, ECHL, or international tournaments, may have a different number of games.

Why is the NHL regular season 82 games?

The number of games in the NHL regular season is primarily determined by the league’s desire to strike a balance between having a meaningful sample size of games and maintaining player health and schedule logistics.

Has the number of games in the NHL regular season changed over the years?

The NHL has historically played 82 games per season since the 1995-1996 season. Prior to that, the number of games varied from season to season.

Do NHL teams play the same number of home and away games in a season?

Yes, in a typical NHL season, each team plays 41 home games and 41 away games for a total of 82 games.

How long does the NHL regular season last?

The NHL regular season typically spans from early October to mid-April, with the playoffs commencing shortly thereafter.

Are there any breaks or bye weeks during the NHL regular season?

Yes, the NHL schedule includes a break around the All-Star Game and a bye week for each team to provide rest and recovery during the season.


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