Do Rugby Players Wear Helmets?

Rugby helmets are a new thing. The look of the rugby helmet is different than that of football, providing less protection for the face and leaving the ears exposed.

The sport is not played with a helmet and players do not wear one as you would see on a football player. There are no full-face masks either, as there are in ice or field hockey.

But many players are starting to wear helmets to reduce the risk of head injuries.

Should you wear a helmet?

Although it is not a mandatory piece of equipment in rugby, the decision to wear a protective helmet or not is one that each player must make. Like in any contact sport, there will be injuries and head injuries do occur in rugby.

However, those who choose not to wear a helmet do so because they feel that their game is less hindered without it and because it will be of little use if an injury does occur.

So, should you wear a helmet? Since the rules of rugby state that players may only tackle using their shoulders and arms, helmets are not really necessary for protection from tackles, however, a helmet does provide some layer of safety.

Rugby is a rough game; it’s no secret that players get hurt in this fast-paced contact sport.

It might seem logical to wear a helmet when you’re running around under the hot sun for 80 minutes and fierce collisions are bound to happen.

So, why don’t all rugby players wear helmets?

Rugby players don’t wear helmets because the game is not designed to be played with them. Players have been taught how to tackle safely and have practiced it thoroughly, so there is no need to protect their heads in this area when they know they are doing it correctly.

Most rugby players don’t wear because it make tackles more dangerous, becomes too hot under the sun. Besides, the overall sports are not design to wear a helmet.

More importantly, helmets could make tackles more dangerous because they allow players who aren’t trained correctly with bad tackling techniques to tackle hard without feeling the impact on their own bodies as much as if they didn’t have any protection at all!

Unlike football, you do not see rugby players wearing helmets. This can be explained by the following factors:

  • Helmets are not required in a game of rugby to protect your head because it is not part of the uniform.
  • In addition to this, helmets are also not allowed in competition as it is seen as equipment that could be used to injure other players and therefore cause injury.
  • Rugby players are tough and they don’t need anything protecting their heads except their own toughness.

And let’s face it: Helmets would be too hot in the sun. Sure, some football fans say that rugby players should wear visors or hats instead of full-on headgear like American football but we haven’t seen any professional athletes do either one yet.

Is it able to help players?

It’s true that a rugby helmet can absorb impact and protect the head, as well as help, prevent injuries and reduce the risk of further harm. As a result, it gives unfair advantages to safely playing the sport.

this sport is meant to be played with brute force and full contact. In fact, players who have recently recovered from an injury are expected to return to the game with even more energy and tenacity than before. If a player were allowed to wear headgear in order to guard against impact and pain, this could give them an unfair advantage.

Is there any official rule?

No, there are no official rules in place that require players to wear a helmet, but some have started wearing them on their own.

While injuries are a part of any sport, rugby has historically been played without any protective equipment. The game is a contact sport and involves body-to-body collisions, but players have traditionally felt that wearing any type of protection would impede their ability to play the game as intended.

Not allowed protective Helmets:



Allowed protective Helmets:



While there are many different types of scrum caps and other head coverings available on the market that claim to be “rugby helmets,” they are not allowed in games under current International Rugby Board (IRB) laws.

Some players choose scrum caps during training sessions or matches against local teams from lower divisions; however, it’s rare for an international player to take this step.

What do rugby players wear on their heads?

Rugby players wear the scrum cap to protect their head and ear from tracking which mistakenly thought rugby helmet by many viewers. The scrum cap protects cauliflower ears but it can’t do much to prevent head injuries.

Do rugby players wear any protection?

Yes, rugby players wear Scrum Caps and Mouth Guards to protect their heads, ears, and teeth. Other protective gear like helmets and pads are not allowed in rugby.

Should IRB change its rules on protective gear?

Well, rugby is a full-contact sport but players are getting injured and forced to early retire. Not only that huge number of rugby players cannot even start their professional careers because of head injuries.

To protect players’ ears and heads, IRB allows scrum caps but these thin layers are not capable of protecting against head injuries rather they only protect ears.

If world rugby changes some of its rules on protective gear and implements at least a helmet then all the head injuries happening in that sport will reduce significantly. This will not only help to spread the spot globally but also protect a player from early retirement.

Do prayers really need a helmet?

Well, rugby is played under the hot sun for about 80 minutes making it difficult to wear a helmet. However, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of hair injuries.

So there is a problem with what types of helmets should erectly players wear? Because picking an American football helmet will not work on rugby. So a new type of helmet should be invented to protect players’ heads.

And I think the players do need a helmet that can protect them and help them to play more efficiently. You cannot take a football helmet and give it to your player and tell him to play, it needs some specialized research on what types of helmet should be given.

Do players are frustrated not being able to wear a helmet?

Players are brave they do not care about injuries. They are big and more hardcore than football players. They are trained to remain safe and they’re trained on how to save themselves. So most of the players don’t care about helmets.


Rugby helmet is a debating issue. Some players wear scrum caps others don’t. But I think IRB should think about players’ safety first and come out with some ideas on head protective gears.

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