Can You Play Top Golf in the Rain?


Topgolf is an exciting way to play golf, and it’s perfect for people who want to get out and enjoy the weather. But what happens if it rains at your local Topgolf location?

Does playing golf in the rain still count as “playing”? The answer depends on whether or not lightning strikes in the area at any given time. If it does, then no matter how awesome your game is going—it’ll be over before you know it!

Can You Play Top Golf in the Rain? Yes, Topgolf can be played in the rain or slow, however, in case of any emergency or extreme weather conditions such as lightning or disaster you may not able to play Topgolf.

Top Golf has a reputation for being outdoors, but is it possible to play in the rain?

If you’re a golfer, then chances are good that you know about Top Golf. It’s one of the most popular golf facilities in the world, and its reputation for being outdoors is well-earned. But can Top Golf survive rain?

The short answer is yes! In fact, it’s even easier to play when it rains because their greens are made of artificial turf—not real grass like on other courses.

This means there’s less chance for water to seep through dirt and into your shoes than if you were playing on natural grass with all its roots and other things that can make footing slippery at times (or so I’ve heard).

Will they be able to play their games in the rain?

Yes, they can play in the rain. The golf course has a rain policy that states: “If lightning is present at any point during your round of golf, you will be asked to leave the course.”

In other words, if lightning threatens your game and safety on the course, you need to retreat immediately so that everyone stays safe. If there are no clouds or thunderstorms in sight (and it’s not raining), then Top Golf is an excellent place for anyone to try their hand at this fun game!

Does Top Golf have indoor areas that you can go in if it rains?

Yes, Top Golf has indoor areas that you can go in if it rains. You will have to pay extra to play in the rain but it’s worth it! You can also play on their virtual golf simulator and on their bowling lanes which are both free for members of their loyalty club.

Is Top Golf affected by lightning?

Top Golf is open during lightning. In fact, it has a lightning detection system that automatically shuts down the golf course in case of a storm and will notify employees to take cover or move their cars off the road.

How can I stay up to date on the weather at Top Golf?

  • Use the app. You can keep track of the weather at Top Golf on your phone or tablet, as well as check in with your friends and other members from around the world.
  • Check the website. The website also has access to live updates about where you are playing and when it’s raining outside (if applicable).
  • Call or visit their location if necessary! If there are any issues with making reservations or finding a place to play, they’ll be able to help you out in no time at all!

The only way to play at Topgolf during a storm is if there isn’t lightning present in the area.

If you are planning to visit Topgolf during a storm and there is lightning in the area, we recommend that you do not come. The only way to play at Topgolf during a storm is if there isn’t lightning present in the area.

Topgolf has a lightning detector that will let us know if there’s been any lightning nearby so we can make sure it’s safe for guests before opening up our doors again!

Is playing golf in the rain worth it?

The answer to this question depends on which type of golfer you are. If you are a casual golfer, it may not be worth playing golf in the rain.

However, if you are an avid golfer who enjoys playing in all types of weather conditions—rain included—then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try playing in the rain as often as possible!

What happens if it rains on a golf course?

The best thing to do is keep an eye on the weather forecast and make sure that there’s no chance of rain. Then, when it starts to drizzle or even sprinkle, find an alternate spot where you’re not going to get wet (like a shed or other out-of-the-way building).

If there’s no way around getting wet, try taking off your shoes and socks before hitting balls so that they don’t get soaked through with water from the ground. You can also wear rubber gloves if necessary—but remember: these aren’t meant for playing golf!

Is Topgolf open during lightning?

Topgolf is open during lightning. The golfers can play as long as there aren’t any bolts in the sky. But if you’re wondering if Topgolf will be closed during a storm, don’t worry—we’re here to help!


We hope this article has provided a little more insight into Topgolf’s weather policy. For those who are planning to play in the rain at Topgolf, we recommend setting up an umbrella or taking cover under a tree before getting out onto the course. We also recommend that you bring some snacks with you so that if it does rain while playing golf, you can stay hydrated!

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