Can You Headbutt In UFC?


In the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are many moves that are illegal in the ring. Headbutts fall under this category and are not allowed during a UFC fight. However, the rules governing MMA changed in 2016 to allow headbutts so long as they only result in “incidental contact”.

In this article, we’ll break down what exactly this means and also take a look at whether or not headbutting is a crime that can lead to criminal charges if done outside of an MMA match.

What is a headbutt?

The headbutt is a type of strike that involves the use of the head. It is illegal in UFC, MMA, and boxing. The headbutt is not allowed in wrestling either.

The foul occurs when one fighter uses his or her forehead to hit an opponent on the head or face. The goal here is usually to knock the other person out with a blow to their cranium.

UFC permits both striking and grappling:

In UFC, there are two types of strikes:

  • Striking – punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to the head and body (anywhere except the groin)
  • Grappling – wrestling or submission holds (meaning no punching)

Grappling is only allowed to the legs, arms, and head. You cannot grapple someone’s groin area. The same rule applies to striking: you must not strike a person’s groin area!

Everything that causes harm to the opponent is prohibited in UFC:

In UFC, headbutting your opponent is illegal. In fact, it’s a crime and can get you arrested. It’s dangerous, too: You can hurt yourself or your opponent by slamming into the back of their head or neck with your forehead.

And did we mention that it’s also prohibited in boxing?

So if you’re thinking about giving someone a noogie—don’t! It’s not permitted in sports such as soccer (football), rugby union/league, American football, and basketball. So what about other sports like baseball?

You can get disqualified:

So, you’re saying that if a fighter headbutts another, he or she will be disqualified? Well, not exactly. You won’t get tossed out of the match entirely—you’ll just be given a warning and some kind of punishment from the referee at ringside.

The most common punishment is to be fined $50,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct (which is about how much money you’d make in 1 second if you were a UFC fighter). But other penalties include suspension from competitions or even disqualification if it happens again later on during an event—the last thing a UFC fighter wants!

But sometimes it happens. For example, if two fighters are grappling each other and one of them accidentally headbutts his opponent without even noticing then it might not be considered intentional on that fighter’s part which means there would not be any penalties issued against him at all!

Are Headbutts Allowed in UFC?

Headbutting is illegal in UFC. It’s also illegal in boxing, MMA, wrestling, and martial arts. However, it’s not just the headbutt that’s considered illegal. Any strike to the head is prohibited under the unified rules of mixed martial arts and other combat sports.

Why is it Illegal in UFC?

While the occasional headbutt is allowed in MMA, it’s not something that happens very often. Why? Because headbutting is a foul and can cause serious injury to an opponent.

In general, there are three reasons why you won’t see many fighters throwing headbutts in UFC:

A headbutt requires both fighters to be extremely close together—so close that they might as well be touching each other. This makes it hard for anyone on the outside of their clinch to tell what’s happening inside.

Since none of them can see anything but what’s happening at their own feet—and even then only from one angle at a time!

So although judges may still give credit for attempted strikes when they happen inside clinches (see below), no one wants them because they’re so hard for everyone else involved.

Is headbutting a crime?

  • Headbutting is not a crime.
  • Headbutting is not a crime in UFC.
  • In other sports, headbutting can lead to criminal charges.

Illegal Moves In UFC Fight:

Headbutting is an illegal move in UFC. It’s a foul that incurs a point deduction, and depending on the severity of the headbutt, can result in disqualification from the bout.

A headbutt means “piercing” or “pushing with your forehead” and refers to any contact with another fighter’s head by use of your own forehead. You can’t touch them at all with your hands first—that would be grounds for disqualification too!


In conclusion, it is possible to headbutt in UFC. Headbutting is an illegal move in UFC and this can get you disqualified from the fight if you are caught doing so. However, there are also some instances where a fighter may get away with headbutting his opponent depending on the situation and how serious the injury caused by it was.

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