About Us


Hello, I am Jim shelter from South Florida. I grew up watching rugby so it is one of my favorite sports. I cannot pass my day without working and researching on I love these sports from the bottom of my heart and I have years of experience of playing and analyzing these sports from various angles.

In late 2021, I started writing on Rugby professionally on this website. Before I start this website I had a long passion for rugby and I wanted to start my own blog to educate people on various things on it.

In late October 2021, when I finally decided to start a new blog, I found little or no information on the Internet about very important things on Rugby because sports is just getting its trend right now. Although it is hugely popular in the UK, South Africa, and New Zealand.

So I started collecting information on Rugby and start writing about it.

There will be a lot of things or topics that I am writing on this blog that will be fully research-based and from my own experience. I hope people like you will be greatly benefited from this information-driving research-based website.